Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Year in Review - Nibbly Style
Part II

Welcome to the second part of my year in review.

7 Pepper Hot Sauce
July was an interesting month for me. I did a 21-day detox, which felt fantastic once I made it past the initial 4 days. But that also meant that there wasn't much cooking going on. However, I did make this fabulous little 7 Pepper Hot Sauce. I love all things spicy and this definitely kicks things up a few notches.

Green Tea & Wasabi Glazed Almonds
I added 2 new varieties of glazed nuts to my repertoire, Green Tea and Wasabi Glazed Almonds and Sweet and Spicy Walnuts. Both are quite tasty and would make a great little nibbly bit to put out for guests. And one of my favorite recipes I've ever made was posted this month, my Horseradish Hummus. I'm a lover of all things hummus, but this one is probably my current favorite. It's got a perfect little kick.

Roasted Potatoes with Green Olive and Caper Vinaigrette
I think these Roasted Potatoes with Green Olive and Caper Vinaigrette would be perfect finger food for a party. Fried potato goodness is usually loved by almost everybody, and the bite of the vinaigrette makes a lovely companion.

Spinach and Toasted Pinenut Hummus
Unfortunately, October saw an overload of schoolwork, so there wasn't much cooking to be had. However, I did add another hummus to the list - a lovely Spinach and Toasted Pine Nut Hummus. Hummus is usually a great healthier dip option to serve to guests and this one will do quite nicely.

Red Pepper and Feta Spread
I'm a huge fan of this dip, which also fits in nicely with the holiday festive color scheme. This Red Pepper and Feta Spread can be used in a variety of ways. Pipe into cucumber or phyllo cups or serve as a dip - no matter how you serve it, I think you'll enjoy its kickiness.

Cranberry Jalapeno Spread
And finally we end up with December's Cranberry Jalapeno Spread. This is a lovely little spread that pairs wonderfully with cheese. The jalapeno adds a mild little bite to this tasty spread that was made for holiday entertaining.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this year's review and will find a recipe or two that looks tasty. I also wanted to send out a huge thank you to all of my readers who stop by 28 Cooks. This blog wouldn't exist without your support and for that I'm a truly grateful!
I wish you a very Happy New Year full of peace and hope!


Anonymous said...

Wow... you are quite the creative and motivating cook! When your cook book becomes available I want to purchase a number of them for my food fan friends that like to throw food parties as well as cook wonderful things for themselves.

Your photography is outstanding.

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Props for the detox!!! 21 days is amazing and I'm glad you said it's easier after the 4th day. I think that's the key to getting over anything...just wait a couple days.

Great recap of the year!


meeso said...

I would love to have the will-power to do a detox...any time I have tried, I have failed :D All of these dishes sound yummie but I know I will be trying the horseradish hummus very soon! Happy New Year!

Cynthia said...

A very happy new year to you! Thanks for the many dips and I am looking forward to many more.

CresceNet said...

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Jeena said...

Hi there you have such a lovely blog. Great recipe it really does look so delicious. I have a blog also here is my link Food Recipes

Let me know if you would like to exchange links. Thanks Jeena x

Fiber said...

Anon - Thanks for the wonderful compliments. My goal this year is to work on a cookbook, so I'll keep everyone posted! Thanks for visiting!

Crystal - yes, it's always the first few days that are the hardest. After that, it was honestly so easy - almost so easy that I didn't want to stop on the 21st day!

Meeso - let me know how you like the horseradish hummus! It's absolutely one of my favorite hummus recipes - I'm actually making another batch today!

Cynthia - Happy New Year to you too!!

Jeena - thanks for visiting!