Thursday, August 02, 2007

Food for Thought...

So much of my world revolves around food. And somehow, I always knew that, but I think being on the detox has only magnified that. The very first day, I stopped at Barnes and Nobles to hang out for a bit. I grabbed a hot cup of tea and went wandering off throughout the store. I suddenly realized that my normal browse of the newest cooking magazines, then the cookbook section, and then the food writing section probably wasn't the most supportive thing for me at that time. I almost felt at a loss without my normal routine.

I also spend quite a bit of my free time during the week either cooking, developing new recipes, or even doing the pleasurable task of grocery shopping. If you looked at my budget, I can guarantee you that the thing I spend the most on is food or food related things.

If you haven't gotten the chance to see Time Magazine's spread on what the rest of the World eats, then definitely check it out. I saw this posted over at Sweetnicks's and it immediately struck me. It's a very interesting view of what different families from all over the World consume in a week, and it's interesting to see how little is spent in some families on an entire week's worth of food. Check it out.


bazu said...

I'm really interested in following the process of your detox. I did a detox in January and February that I blogged about. It wasn't a juice fast, but it was detoxing from all manner of refined things- flours, sugars, etc. and caffeine and a bunch of other things I hadn't even realized I was overdoing on! It was a very interesting and educational experience, especially in situations like you describe at bookstores, parties, family gatherings, etc. where food was and is such a huge part of my routine and my identity.

Anonymous said...

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Rachael said...

I tried a juice fast for several days once, and later a raw foods diet, and I didn't have the self control for it. My cravings for other foods were too great. But, I know several people who have done detox diets and rave about it... good luck!! I hope it goes well

Michael Natkin said...

Those picture are amazing, and Time is republishing them from the book Hungry Planet, What the World Eats, by Peter Menzel. I can highly recommend it, it is just astonishing and fascinating to see what a weeks worth of food looks like for folks in so many different human circumstances.

Michael Natkin
The Vegetarian Foodie Blog

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