Monday, June 18, 2007

28 Cooks' Remix

Sometimes I'm so focused on new things to try out in the kitchen that I completely forget to make some of the recipes I've enjoyed in the past. Here's some of the things I'll be remaking sometime this week:

Citrus Asian Slaw
I forgot how much I love this Citrus Asian Slaw. The fresh citrus juice and the cilantro really help to kick up this asian slaw. Using the pre-shredded bags of cole slaw vegetables will help you have this salad on the table in no time!

Cherry Clafouti
My sweet neighbor E dropped off some lovely bags of sour cherries, so I'll be making this Sour Cherry Clafouti. You can tell by the ingredient list and the directions just how easy it is to make.

Roasted Tomatillo Chipolte Salsa
And although I don't make this nearly as often as I make the official salsa of 28 Cooks, I do love this version. The chipolte peppers and the roasted tomatillos really help to kick it up a notch.

Hope you enjoyed this remix. I'll see you later in the week with something new!

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