Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mango Habanero Jam

This is probably one of my favorite and easiest jam recipes to make. What I love about it is that as long as you can find a good mango and some nice habaneros, you can make some good jam.

What's so surprising about this jam is that it's not as hot as you might think, nor as sweet - it just sort of meets in the middle for a wonderful flavor. This jam is perfect for pairing with a nice sharp cheese or on a piece of toast, and word on the street is that it also makes a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich. It would also be perfect for glazing a ham or pork roast, if you fancy that sort of thing.

Regardless of how you use it, this is a perfect recipe to keep stocked in your pantry and for holiday gift giving!

Mango Habanero Jam

Mango Habanero Jam
Yields 6 (1/2 pt) jars

6-8 whole habaneros
1 c cider vinegar
1 fresh mango, peeled and chopped
1/2 c apricot nectar
1/2 c fresh orange juice
6 c sugar
1 pkt liquid Certo

Blend all habaneros with vinegar, mango, and juices until well pureed. Bring mixture and sugar to boil in a heavy pot. Boil 8 minutes. Add certo and bring to boil again. Pour into 1/2 pt jars and seal*.

*The easiest way to can is this - wash and dry canning jars thoroughly. Place lids and rings in a pot of barely simmering water. Once jelly is ready, fill a jar, leaving about a 1/4" headspace. With tongs, remove lid and ring from water, place on jar, and tighten, although not all the way. Turn jar upside down on a dishtowel. Repeat with remaining jars. Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes. Turn upright and allow to seal. Tighten rings on all jars. If any of the jars don't seal, simply store in the refrigerator once cool. The other jars can be stored in a pantry for 8 months to a year, if it lasts that long.

This recipe is also a part of Tempt My Tummy Tuesdays, hosted by Blessed with Grace.


Ashley said...

This looks wonderful! Can't wait to try it out :)

Ciao Chow Linda said...

I make a jalapeno jelly but you've given me some new ideas on how to use it - grilled cheese, roasts, etc.

SweetCinnamon said...

I love Dunkin Donuts too that's why I wrote about my love for their coffee.. http://tinyurl.com/yzesnsx

Red said...

OH MAN! A friend of mine was growing habenaro peppers and I was forever looking for a recipe. I will bookmark this one for next time!


Marti @ forkingit.blogspot.com

recipes said...

yummy looks delicious

eva said...

This not only looks festive and delicious, but it is so tastey! Perfect combination of sweet and heat. :)

alargamiento de pene said...

Wow, I must make this jam.

Katie | Runaway October said...

I knew I had to try this recipe. Here's my results: http://www.runawayoctober.com/2010/01/mango-habanero-jam/

Thanks for sharing! :D

Anonymous said...

This stuff is fantastic on burgers, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good recipie think I will try it on some chicken wings..

H. said...

I just made this and it turned out fantastic. I only made one small change. I did not have apricot nectar so I used a whole cup of orange juice to make up the difference. Very tasty and right on the comfortable edge of spicy.

stacy said...

this jelly is absolutely perfect! this was my first attempt at making jelly and it turned out better than the jars i buy at the farmers market. thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love spicy food but I have to be honest this was too hot for me. I used 6 Habanero but I think next time I will only use 2.