Monday, January 25, 2010


Okay, so thanks to, we have 2 winners of this gorgeous cookbook, "Chocolates and Confections."

First, is Jenny from Peanut Butter and Jenny, which is a a great blog name, by the way! Her comment was "only one thing makes me happier that I'm awake than seeing little chocolate covered pretzels on my screen... and that would be eating them."

And the second winner is Tennesue, with the comment was "I really want this book. I dream of confections that aren't really viable, such as chocolate covered cherries with a pretzel crust (can you imagine how they'd break apart when you bit in)." That sounds delicious, and if you perfect it, I want the recipe! =)

And those who didn't win, please stay tuned because I have another great cookbook to give away in the next few days!

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