Friday, June 06, 2008

Cooking School, Part II

So did I mention there was entertainment?? My aunt, whom I haven't seen since I was 8, AND who is also a professional opera singer, graciously agreed last minute to perform an Italian aria in honor of the Cioppino we were about to consume. I was absolutely floored by how beautiful and strong her voice was. I know most of us had goosebumps after her performance. I think my friend Lina said it best when she said, "I could never understand why people got all emotional about opera, but I think I do now!" It was just impossible to not be moved.

I love this picture of myself, my beautiful mother, and my gorgeous aunt.
Food 110

Now back to the food. As I mentioned, we had a fantastic little Cioppino, which included clams, shrimp, scallops, and cod. It was absolutely fantastic, and was the perfect combination of being hearty yet still light and fresh-tasting.

Food 091

And here's a picture I like of Kathy's lightning-quick hands chopping up the parsley for garnish.

Food 084

The main event of the evening was skate. Skate is something that I've had before, but most of the class had never experienced. I've never prepared it, so I was definitely grateful for the opportunity to learn the finer points of its preparation. It came out extremely tender and flavorful, and I would highly recommend trying it if you can get your hands on it. We simply seasoned ours with salt and pepper, lightly dredged it with flour, then sauteed it in olive oil, lemon juice, and threw in some capers. It was absolutely fantastic.

Food 037

The meal was finished with a chocolate fondue. There were some lovely fresh strawberries and poundcake available for dipping into the chocolate fountain.

Food 097

All in all, it was a highly successful and entertaining event. Good food, good fun, and great friends and family - is there anything better??

Food 105a


NWJR said...

Those are some good-lookin' women right there.

The food doesn't look bad, either, and I love the "lighting fast" hands shot.

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty, and your mom and aunt are beautiful so I can see where you get that!

Kalyn Denny said...

Very fun seeing a picture of you and your mom and aunt. You all look fabulous!

Unknown said...

What fun!! Happy belated birthday.

Any chance of you sharing the raspberry-horseradish sauce from your first cooking school post? I know DH would enjoy it.

BTW, I agree, 3 beautiful women.

Fiber said...

Cornelius - thanks for the compliments! I love the lighting fast hands too!!

Nupur - thanks! I'm hoping the genes continue on strong as I get older!!

Kalyn - thanks! I'm very lucky!

Cheryl - absolutely. I'll try and post the recipe within the next week or so.

Dawn0fTime said...

I love all the photos! I wish I could attend a class like that. Will you be sharing any of the recipes???