Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Midsummer's Cleanse

So I've been kicking around the idea of a detox for a few months now since it's been years since I've done one. Although I eat fairly healthy and consume plenty of veggies and fruits, I do still ingest a fair shair of toxins and unhealthy foods.

My father decided he wanted to do a 21-day juice fast, so I've decided to join him. Starting tomorrow, for the next 21 days, we plan on only consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juices, supplemented with vitamins and plenty of water.

But have no fear, 28 Cooks' readers, for I will post at least twice a week with cookbook reviews, some remixes of some older but still fabulous recipes, and highlight some of the blogs that have been catching my eye. If you're interested, you can follow along with me on the companion blog, 28 Detoxifies.

Wish me luck!


Unknown said...

I'll miss your recipes. I've been meaning to post to say that, of all the many food blogs I read (a good 20 on a regular basis), yours is the only one from which I regularly make recipes! The black bean cakes are a regular, as are the asian green beans. Several others I've tried and look forward to making again. So please keep it up :)

As for your juice diet, I find it hard to contemplate. I broke my jaw a couple of years ago, so had an enforced juice diet because my jaw was wired shut! I couldn't even drink smoothies, as I couldn't get a straw in, only whatever would fit between my teeth! I bought a centrifuge juicer, and even had to strain what that produced. Getting the protein I needed to heal was a real challenge - those shakes from the chemist are just nasty. In the end whey powder was my saviour. Needless to say I've barely been able to look at my juicer since then.

I'll be interested to hear how you go on. Until I discovered the whey powder, I wasn't physically capable of leading a normal life - my bike ride to work was simply exhauting - and the sugar rushes and subsequent sugar lows were far from fun. I can't see how that is good for you either - yes you detoxify, but you stress your body in the process. (isn't there a link to diabetes there too?)

I'll be interested to watch how you keep the balance in your juice drinks :)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You are a brave soul. Keep me posted on how your doing!!

Aaron said...

I'm not so sure it's a good idea!


Detox diets are flimsy at best, and dangerous at worst...

Anonymous said...

OK, but how many of these drinks have gin mixed in???

Seriously, be careful.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
We'll definitely be missing your recipes, but good luck on the fast! I'm wondering, though, when you say you will be juicing, do you throw the fiber away, or do you also include the fiber/pulp in your drinks?

SteamyKitchen said...

good luck with fast! will it be hard surfing the blogs seeing all the food?

Fiber said...

Sarah - thanks so much for the compliments. I always love knowing that people are making and enjoying my recipes. As far as the protein goes, I am drinking at least 1 shake per day that has protein in it, although I find that the fresh juices and soups are pretty filling, especially since I'm eating every 2 hours.

LJ - sure will!

BLeprechaun - thanks for the website. It was very interesting reading. I actually do agree with some of the points, and I try to keep my detox as nutritionally balanced as possible.

Anon- I've put some of the pulp in the freezer to bake with later, since it's great fiber. I also do stir a bit of the finer pulp back in for fiber, but to be honest, I'm getting enough from my Superfood shakes.

SteamyKitchen - the first few days, it was murder reading or seeing anything about food. But I've gotten to the point now where I'm not craving anything, so I can go back to my normal food obsession. =)