Friday, February 23, 2007

Look - shiny things!

To try and distract you from the fact that there's been nothing new and fresh posted this week due to the craziness of school, I will instead let you look at these new little cards that came in the mail this week.

I ordered them from Moo and I'm so happy with them. I'm often scribbling down my website address on a scratch piece of paper to give to people and decided it was time to class it up a bit.

The 28 Minis

I'll be back on Monday with something delicious!


Anonymous said...


I always think about getting a set of those cards, and then I realize, who would I give them to? my mom?

bazu said...

Pretty! If my blog ever becomes a wee bit more popular, I'm getting some of those cards.

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

I really enjoy my Moo cards. The picture is a cute idea, plus, they import the picture title onto the other side of the card, if you want.

I've given away my cards to alot of people casually. The card's small size seems to better facilitate giving away. Just the other day i handed one to a grocery check out girl who was lamenting the lack of reliably good recipes online.

It's about $20 for 100- and they're more durable and more interesting than traditional cards.

Plus- they make good food gift tags to use on homemade gifts from your kitchen!

Emily said...

Yum. Your Moo cards look delicious. :)

Catherine said...

Way cool! Thanks for telling me about these - I'm going to get some too!

Fiber said...

Kristen - Actually, my mother was the first to get some! =)

Bazu - they really are great fun.

Mcauliflower - I love them too. They are much sturdier than I thought they would be, and I love the option of picking as many pictures as I want.

Emily - thanks! I'm sort of partial to them too.

Catherine - I'd love to see them when you get them!

Anonymous said...

Those cards look awesome.. I love food pictures. I also like the fact that you are holding them up with red salt. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are too cool!
I am just now, finally, coming out of the closet to my friends and family about my blog. Maybe I should get these to break it to them!

Vanessa said...

so shiny! if a racoon found these cards he'd pick them up and never put them down.
They look fantastic! hmmm, I may just have to get them...