Friday, June 06, 2014

Garden Update

Well, the garden is in full swing and things have gotten busy around here. It is literally bursting with fresh produce and we are having so much fun devising new ways to use it, as well as enjoying sharing it with friends and family.

We had a few very hot days last week, which were great for some things and not so good for otrahers. Our broccoli raab bolted, but we harvested almost 2 pounds of raab before it did. But some of the other plants loved the hot weather.

This past weekend was all about strawberries. The local berry farm finally opened for the Pick-Your-Own at $1.45/pound. We picked a little over 22 pounds for under $30. You just can't beat that - not only in the price, but in the delicious taste! They are the reason why I can't bring myself to purchase strawberries from the grocery store in the winter. And I'm a very bad blogger - not a picture to be had of the fresh berries. But what if I promise you a strawberry recipe this weekend???

And speaking of strawberries, check out how cute the little blossoms are on our cinder block berries!

Ready for some more garden pictures?? How neat are these radishes? We planted watermelon radishes this year, which are white on the outside and red on the inside. These are still growing and will become a deeper red on the inside, but aren't they already gorgeous?? I just wish I liked them. Thankfully my husband is a huge fan, so this radish harvest is all him.

Our peas are doing wonderfully well. Tonight I'm hoping to pick them and will freeze a good portion so we can enjoy these all winter. I'll have to save some for eating now, though, since they are so amazingly delicious. We've literally just been eating them straight off the plant.

Our carrots and onions are also doing very well. I'm going to dig up a carrot soon to see how they are growing.
We've also had quite the good kale and lettuce harvest. Our butter crunch lettuce is wonderfully delicious and tender. I just wish there was a way to enjoy it all year long. It's so good. Our eggplants and pepper plants are also doing well. This is my first time growing eggplant (and we did it from seed!) so I can't wait to see how this harvest turns out. The plants are looking good though.
And our cauliflower and broccoli finally started to make an appearance. Isn't this cheddar cauliflower just the cutest little thing?
The rest of the garden is looking great too. Our potatoes continue to do well in their baskets, and our raspberry plants are looking really good. We started zucchini and cucumber plants form seeds and they are growing quickly. Can't wait for those to start producing.
I'll leave you with pictures of the flowers. They are doing so well and I love the color they add to our little backyard farm. Happy Thursday, y'all!

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