Sunday, March 15, 2009


Alright - so the time has come to pick the winners. I'm very excited to be giving 5 copies of this delicious book to some very lucky readers. So without further ado, the winners, as chosen by, along with their most favorite baked goods, are:

1 - Carrie, who says, "Cinnamon buns! I like to make them because they seem extra special, but they're not that difficult. And they taste so gooey and good."

2 - Ashley, who has a penchant for "Moist, savory quickbreads. Mmmmm."

3 - DS, who says that their "favorite baked dessert is Rhubarb Crunch from the Mennonite Cook Book."

4 - Katie Nell likes "most baked goods, but probably my favorite is coffeecake, of any kind!"

and 5 - Kickpleat, who loves a good "coconut and raspberry jam bar. mmm."

Congratulations, winners! Please contact me at 28 cooks AT gmail DOT com so that I can mail off your cookbook!


kickpleat said...

wow, i'm shocked that I won!! Thanks so much, I just sent you an email :)

Liz said...


I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Here is my blog post about it.