Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hey Look - Shiny Things!!

Okay, okay, I don't have anythiny shiny. I wanted to find something to distract you from the fact I haven't updated 28 Cooks in well over a week. But I've got nothing except the promise that we'll return to our regularly-scheduled content next week.

My fall semester seems to be in full swing and the days I set aside for cooking have been filled up quickly with other things. And this weekend is the yearly "Celebrate Life" weekend which takes myself and my closest friends to Cleveland. Long story short - 3 years ago, my very best friend, Lina, had emergent, serious, and very complicated open heart surgery that almost left us without her presence. Every year since, we've taken a trip back out to Cleveland to celebrate life and remember those things that we're extremely grateful for, including her life.

So I bid you a good rest of the week and look forward to being back in the 28 Cooks saddle next week!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Did you ever see that Will and Grace episode where Jack distracts Caryn with a shiny object? This post reminded me of that.

Anonymous said...

hehee... u sure caught my attention. Have a good break! :)

Anonymous said...

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Rachael said...

lol, hillary, I have seen that episode. Very funny blog title!

My goodness, what a meaningful tradition to have, and there's not much else I can say other than that, as I've not had such potential tragedy enter my life yet. Enjoy your "Celebrate Life" weekend!!

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